Inspiring Lives and Barrier-Free Living

Inspiring Lives and Barrier-Free Living

In the world, there is a huge number of people who have different disabilities. According to World Health Organization data, disabled people consist of 15% of the world population and 1% of the population are bound to a wheelchair.

         Throughout history, various types of equipment such as walking sticks, walkers, and wheelchairs were produced to facilitate life for disabled people. Today advanced devices like electric wheelchairs, electric bicycles, and mobility scooters continue to be developed. While trying to open people’s barriers with these devices, disabled people who have achieved success in many areas show that disabilities do not mean inability.

         Who comes to your mind when one speaks about the success of a disabled person? The possible candidate that may cross your mind is the 32nd president of the USA –  Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the most known physicist – Stephen Hawking, a four-time Emmy Award winner – John Hockenberry, and a famous painter – Frida Kahlo. However, stories of success do not limit to these four. These adventurous achievements continue through the enthusiastic athletes of Paralympic sport, famous bloggers, and other influencers who share the similar characteristics of being disabled.

Beyond the development of helpful equipment and the personal successes of people with disabilities, continuous efforts are made in public areas to remove barriers that prevent disabled people to pursue their life and travel around the world. Wheelchair ramps for transportation, accessible toilets, step-free ways, special lifts at high buildings, road signs, wheelchair lanes at bridges, national parks are some of the innovative solutions that people implement to remove these barriers for the disabled. Fortunately, today there is an increase in the number of disability-friendly cities.

Undoubtedly, introducing these accessibilities and showing promising progress in public squares of many different countries to more people will encourage disabled people and help build the courage to live their lives without obstacles. Hence such action can cause our society to react positively which will eventually lead the government to produce more available areas for the disabled.

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