History of Sport for People With Physical Disabilities

History of Sport for People With Physical Disabilities

We all know the importance of exercising. Although there are different ways to exercise, exercise is movement. Some walk, some work at a job, some do housework, some take care of children, some travel, some do various sports. Thus, we all exercise in some way in our daily routine life. This of course includes people with a physical disability.

Sport for people with a physical disability has been around for over a hundred years. For example, it is known that the first sports clubs for people with hearing impairment were established in Berlin in 1888. Sports clubs for people with physical disabilities increased after World War II. The reason for this increase is to help war veterans and civilians injured during the war.

In 1944, Dr. Ludwig Guttmann opened a center for spinal cord injury patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in England. Here, sports for rehabilitation turned into sports for entertainment, and then into competitive sports.

On 29 July 1948, on the opening day of the 1948 London Olympic Games, Dr. Guttmann organized the first competition for wheelchair athletes and called them the Stoke Mandeville Games. With the participation of Dutch veterans in the Movement in 1952, the International Stoke Mandeville Games were started. These games were called the Paralympic Games, which took place in 1960 in Rome, the capital of Italy, with the participation of 400 athletes from 23 countries. Since then, data have been made every four years. In 1976, the first Winter Games in Paralympic history were held in Sweden, and they continue to be held every four years. Thus, the Olympics for the disabled began to be organized. This showed the whole world that people with a physical disability can do sports.

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