Barrier-Free Successful People 5 Ludwig van Beethoven

Barrier-Free Successful People 5 Ludwig van Beethoven

We continue to talk about people who know no barriers and who are inspiring. The subject of this article is one of the best composers ever. When you think of the best composer, I guess the first thing that comes to your mind is Beethoven. Let’s get to know this amazing artist without wasting time.

Beethoven’s full name is Ludwig van Beethoven. This name is also the name of his grandfather. It is known that Beethoven, who is German, was born in Bonn, Germany. It is not known exactly when Beethoven was born. However, there are records that he was baptized on December 17, 1770. It is believed that Beethoven was born on December 16, 1770, as newborn babies were baptized the day after they were born at that time.

Beethoven had a difficult childhood. At a young age, he started to work by playing the piano in the church to contribute to the livelihood of his family. Beethoven’s first music teacher was his father. This education was not enough for Beethoven, who was very interested in music. Therefore, he went to Vienna in 1787 in hopes of working with Mozart. Although he had the opportunity to work with Mozart for a short time, he had to return to Bonn due to his mother’s illness. When he returned to Vienna in 1792 after the death of his mother, he learned that Mozart was dead. Unable to work with Mozart, Beethoven started working with Joseph Haydn, the famous composer of classical music. Joseph Haydn soon recognized Beethoven’s superior talent and supported him in everything. Beethoven initially made a name for himself not as a composer but as a pianist.

Misfortunes did not leave Beethoven. He has suffered from health problems throughout his life. He began to have hearing problems in 1801 and became completely deaf in 1817. Despite this health problem he experienced, he embraced life with all his hands. His deafness did not affect his music life in any way. He composed the 9th symphony, which is known by the whole world and which is the anthem of the European Union, during his deafness. Don’t you think it’s very impressive for a deaf person to compose a world-famous composition? This success of Beethoven shows us that no physical barrier can come between us and our dreams.

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