The Challenges of Being a Wheelchair User Problems in the Public Space

The Challenges of Being a Wheelchair User Problems in the Public Space

We will continue to talk about the difficulties which are encountered by wheelchair users. In this article, we will talk about a few of the difficulties experienced by wheelchair users in public spaces, who have the right to use them equally with everyone.

The outage of Accessibility Equipment

One of the difficulties and stresses experienced by individuals who have to continue their lives with a wheelchair is the out of service of accessibility equipment. For a wheelchair user, the possibility of accessibility equipment not working, especially the elevator, is a major source of stress. A wheelchair user in this situation has to ask someone for help to overcome the obstacle such as stairs, level difference. If there is no such person with him or people do not want to help, the wheelchair user is stuck. This is undoubtedly a source of stress.

Disabled Parking Problems

Wheelchair users can travel as a driver in a specially made car or as a passenger in a regular car. In these cases, it is a very important requirement to have a private parking area for wheelchair users in public areas. Because a wheelchair user needs extra space and effort to get in and out of the car. For this reason, special parking lots have been placed in many public areas for the use of disabled people. However, there are still problems regarding private parking spaces. Some public areas still do not have these private parking spaces. Special parking areas for the disabled are occupied by normal individuals. In places where private parking areas for the disabled are located, transfer and maneuvering areas are not allocated under the standards. Due to all these serious problems, wheelchair users do not prefer to leave their homes, travel, and participate in social environments.

Designing Toilets and Sinks in Public Spaces Without Considering Accessibility

Many public spaces have toilets and sinks. So how many of these toilets and sinks are suitable for wheelchair users? Unfortunately, many of these toilets and bathrooms are not suitable for wheelchair users. Although many public areas have special toilets and sinks for the disabled, many of these toilets and sinks are not well designed. That’s why these toilets and sinks are not useful. To give a simple example, many of the toilet and sink entrance doors are not made with wheelchair users in mind, so they are useless. When you enter toilets and bathrooms in a public area, take a look around. You will find that many of the toilets and sinks in a public area are not wheelchair accessible. For example, look at the mirrors, are they suitable for wheelchair users? Designing with universal design and accessibility in mind, especially in public areas, will make the lives of people with disabilities easier.

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