The Challenges of Being a Wheelchair User Public Transport Issues

The Challenges of Being a Wheelchair User Public Transport Issues

We continue to talk about the difficulties experienced by wheelchair users. In our previous article, we talked about a few problems that wheelchair users experience in public spaces. In this article, we will talk about a place that is open to the public. But this time, we will talk about a few of the problems experienced in public transportation vehicles.

Space Problem in Public Transport

Public transport vehicles are generally designed to carry more passengers in less space. For this reason, there is often not enough space for those who want to travel with a wheelchair in public transportation vehicles. Although many public transportation vehicles have special places reserved for those traveling with wheelchairs, it is doubtful whether these areas comply with the standards. In public transport vehicles, space is usually reserved for a wheelchair, and this place is also used by those traveling with a baby carriage. For this reason, people traveling with a wheelchair experience space problems. Even if there is a place reserved for wheelchair users in public transportation vehicles, this area is not large enough and does not meet the necessary criteria.

The Problem of Loading and Unloading the Wheelchair on Public Transport

The fact that wheelchair users have a place in public transport does not mean that wheelchair users can use public transport. For wheelchair users to use public transport, there must be equipped to help them get on the public transport. These equipments and systems can be listed as follows;

  • Crosser Lowering / Raising System
  • Elevator System
  • Ramp

The absence or malfunction of these equipments and systems can put wheelchair users in a very difficult situation and force them to cancel all their programs. For this reason, these equipments and systems should be placed on all public transport vehicles, and their maintenance and repairs should be done regularly.

Vertical Circulation Problem in the Metro

Metros are public transportation vehicles that go underground. For this reason, it is necessary to go a little underground to use this public transportation vehicle. Stairs and escalators are generally used to go underground. Wheelchair users can’t use stairs and escalators without technical equipment. For this reason, these people need to have an elevator at every metro station. However, even in the world’s largest cities, there are subways without elevators for the vertical movement of individuals with mobility restrictions (such as wheelchair users). The absence of vertical circulation or the malfunctioning of vertical circulation devices make the lives of individuals with limited mobility very difficult.

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