The Challenges of Being a Wheelchair User Psychological Problems

The Challenges of Being a Wheelchair User Psychological Problems

Using a wheelchair has many challenges of its own. If you are not a wheelchair user, it is very difficult for you to understand the difficulties experienced by wheelchair users and the obstacles they face. To raise awareness, we will try to address the difficulties experienced by wheelchair users in this series of articles.

Focusing on the Wheelchair

We all meet new people in public places. During these encounters, some people are more interesting to us. This is not a bad or abnormal situation. The abnormal and bad thing is that when someone with a wheelchair is encountered, the focus is on the wheelchair instead of the person. In such a situation, the wheelchair user may feel as if he or she is put in the background. This is undoubtedly a bad feeling.

Worry of Falling Out of a Wheelchair

Fear of the wheelchair tipping over while using a wheelchair is a common problem. Level differences, which no one takes into account, are of vital importance for individuals with limited mobility. Due to a small stone or level difference, the wheelchair can easily tip over and the user may fall to the ground. It has become a phobia for wheelchair users.

Exposure to Annoying Questions

A person who uses a wheelchair due to congenital or acquired reasons is trying to cope with many physiological, psychological, and sociological problems due to the limitation of movement. While the wheelchair user is dealing with these problems, he or she may sometimes be exposed to strange and annoying questions by those around him. Some of these questions are: “Can you get a job?” “How do you do your toilet” “Can you drive?” “Can you swim?” “Do you have a girlfriend?” “Can you flirt?” “Are you married?” “Is your spouse disabled?” “Can’t you ever get up?” “Can’t you feel your feet?”. These annoying and strange questions, which are asked to satisfy curiosity, do not please someone who has to deal with many problems.

Considered to be in Need of Financial Aid

No one wants to be looked at with pity. The same is true for people using wheelchairs. Like everyone else, wheelchair users don’t need constant help or get sick, they just try to live their lives like everyone else. However, when people see someone in a wheelchair, they often think that the person is needy and then politely offer to help. While this is a good thing, sometimes when the offer is politely rejected by someone who doesn’t need it, the strong insistence on the offer makes the wheelchair user quite uncomfortable.

Being Uncomfortable With Glances

Wheelchair users, like everyone else, try to maintain their lives and daily schedules. During this struggle for life, wheelchair users often attract attention in society and are exposed to many glances. Since these views come from above due to height and height differences, they can sometimes disturb the wheelchair user. This sometimes causes a feeling of belittled. And no one wants to be belittled.

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