Do You Know What Accessibility Means

Do You Know What Accessibility Means

We all come across the word “accessibility” around us from time to time. Do we really know the meaning of this word, which at first seems simple to us? In this article, we will try to briefly explain what this word means.

We can briefly define accessibility as “the ability of all living individuals to access and use all public services without the need of anyone”. Accessibility is not all about them, of course. Accessibility includes all the measures that must be taken in the environment and in urban services so that people can participate in social life.

Accessibility appeals not only to the disabled, but also to the elderly, pregnant women, children, people with strollers, very tall or very short stature, that is, everyone who has limited mobility. For these people, taking accessibility measures on sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, parks, children’s playgrounds, all buildings and transportation services open to public use is an indispensable condition of accessibility.

Being accessible means that the physical and virtual structures offered as a service to the society are designed in a way that everyone can access. Accessibility is the whole of the work done to enable all individuals to live independently and to participate fully in every stage of life. While performing these studies, it is necessary to take into account the changing bodily conditions. For example, streets, pavements, parks and gardens, institution buildings and urban areas should be created by considering the physical condition of the whole society.

When it comes to accessibility, only physical structures should not come to mind. Being able to access a service offered virtually also falls within the concept of “accessibility”. For example, designing a website so that it can be used by visually impaired people is within the scope of the concept of accessibility.

Let’s not forget, accessibility is the natural right of every individual. See you in our next article.