Challenges of Being a Wheelchair User Other Problems

Challenges of Being a Wheelchair User Other Problems

We continue to talk about the difficulties experienced by wheelchair users. In this article, we will address a few of the other problems.

Risk of Injury

In our daily lives, we all take the necessary care not to hit our bodies and get injured. But sometimes without even realizing it, our hand, foot, or arm hits something and gets injured. This undesirable situation is more inevitable for people with limited mobility (such as wheelchair users). Because these people need more space and time to maneuver. Unfortunately, they cannot find this time and space, especially in public spaces. Even if there is enough space and time, it is possible to be injured when using a wheelchair by getting your hand caught in the wheels or by losing balance when crossing an obstacle. In addition, it is more difficult for wheelchair users to avoid accidents that can happen to anyone. Because these people have limited mobility and therefore cannot use their reflexes fully. For these reasons, wheelchair users are at greater risk of injury.

Frequent Soiling of Hands

Manual wheelchair users constantly get their hands dirty while using a wheelchair because they turn the wheels with their hands. Hand sanitizer usually doesn’t help much to clean hands. Because before touching the wheelchair again, your hands need to be dry, which is not possible. For this reason, they often carry handkerchiefs to clean their hands.

Damage to Cars

Getting in and out of the car is not an easy task for a wheelchair user. Even with many technological possibilities, it is quite difficult to lift and lower the wheelchair. While the wheelchair is being loaded and unloaded from the car, it may inadvertently scratch the car, cause minor damage to the car and remove the paint from the car.

Damage to Clothes

Using a wheelchair has its challenges. Even the best and highest quality material may not last very long in a wheelchair user’s day. Generally, clothes are soiled due to close access to the wheels. Clothing also rips and wears out due to constant contact with the moving parts of wheelchairs.

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