The Biggest Minority

The Biggest Minority

The minority is the name given to those who are different in terms of any quality and less in number than the others in a community. In every society, there is a group that is a minority. So when we accept the whole world as a society, who are the biggest minorities?

The world population is increasing every year. As of 2021, close to 7.9 billion people share our planet. About 1 billion living people are disabled. This means that about 15% of the total human population is disabled. This is a very serious rate. Assuming the world is a single society, people with disabilities are the largest minority in the world.

The number of people with disabilities is increasing day by day. Old age, war, climate, nutrition, traffic accident, disaster, chronic diseases, etc. Situations are one of the biggest reasons for the increase in the number of disabled people. Most people experience temporary or permanent limitations of movement at some point in their lives.

According to the United Nations, 80% of people with disabilities, the largest minority, live in developing countries. It is estimated that 50% of these people cannot afford health services. It is estimated that there are more than 100 million children with disabilities.

Compared to people without disabilities worldwide, people with disabilities have worse health status, lower educational attainment, and higher rates of poverty. The difficulties faced by individuals with disabilities in accessing services such as health, education, employment, transportation, and information clearly explain this difference.

There is no guarantee that we will not be disabled one day in the future. We can all suddenly become disabled. We must be aware of this and put ourselves in the shoes of the largest minority, namely the disabled. We must empathize.

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