Mobility Portability Comfort Electric Wheelchair

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Wheelchairs are essential for those individuals with a physical mobility disability. Whether manual or electric, wheelchairs are designed to provide some degree of independence and freedom,  though not all chairs are the same. In this article, we will examine three important elements to consider when choosing a wheelchair; mobility, portability, and comfort.

Mobility is defined as the ability to move freely and easily. The electric wheelchairs of today are providing a higher level of mobiliy than ever before due to the increase in battery power and range.  The chair can be operated with the gentle touch of a finger on the user-controlled joystick. It can also be controlled remotely by a caregiver through a hand held wireless device.

A significant problem when using any wheelchair is it’s portability,  the ability to be easily carried or moved.  In the past, chairs were designed as generally really heavy and oddly shaped. Try fitting one in the back of your Prius and still have room for your coffee.  There is a solution though. Consider a foldable, lightweight electric wheelchair.  Technology has advanced considerably to where many electric wheelchairs, today, are extremely lightweight with an automatic folding feature at the push of a button. It will take up very little space when folded. You can easily carry it with you in your vehicle, on public transport, or on a plane.

The final element to consider for any chair is comfort, the state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.  If you spend more time than you want in a chair, it better be comfortable. Manufacturers are building chairs with this in mind. Adding padding where needed. Some chairs can even recline completely into a bed. 

Perhaps now is the time for you to consider purchasing a new wheelchair or upgrade from what you have. With advances in mobility, portability, and comfort, your life can get much easier.

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