Disabled People: The Largest Minority Group

Disabled People The Largest Minority Group

“Minority” is a name given to those who belong to a smaller group or number as compared to the total number. When we think of who may belong to a minority group, race, religion, sex, or political party, may come to mind. A group of people not usually thought to be a part of any minority group are disabled people. This article will demonstrate why disabled people, by definition, are the largest minority group.  

As of 2021, there are approximately 7.9 billion inhabitants of the planet earth. Of those, 1 billion are disabled with more than 100 million being children.  That equates to roughly 15% of the total population. That would qualify as the largest minority group without a doubt. More and more people are joining this group day by day due to old age, war, climate, nutrition, traffic accident, disaster, chronic diseases, etc. According to the United Nations, 80% of people with disabilities, the largest minority, live in developing countries.

Compared to people without disabilities worldwide, people with disabilities have worse health status, lower educational attainment, and higher rates of poverty. The difficulties faced by individuals with disabilities in accessing services such as health, education, employment, transportation, and information clearly explain this difference.

If ever you are in a position to draft policies, make laws, or advocate for a minority group, keep in mind how all of that may affect the largest minority group on the planet.  Include them in the discussions.

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