What to Look for in an Electric Wheelchair

If you have paralysis or are otherwise unable to walk for prolonged periods, an electric wheelchair might be beneficial. However, buying a power wheelchair requires a little bit of product knowledge. To assist you in making the right electric wheelchair purchase, you should be aware of the major brands, models and types of wheelchairs available.

Below are some tips from the ComfyGo technicians on what they consider to be important choices when purchasing a battery-powered electric wheelchair.

Weight-bearing capacity

Some wheelchair users have encountered issues with their devices because they have purchased an electric wheelchair with a weight rating just a few pounds above their weight. When continuously operating a motor at its maximum load, you will eventually encounter problems.

This is why the ComfyGo team always recommends choosing a chair with a substantially heavier weight rating than that of the end user. Motors run more comfortably when they are not near the maximum load-bearing capacity, and with less stress, the motor will last considerably longer.

Battery type

Standard electric wheelchairs tend to have sealed lead acid batteries, although newer models are beginning to make use of lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are the same type that is used to power electric cars, and they generally take less time to charge and have longer lifespans.

However, if you intend on traveling with your electric wheelchair, it’s worth bearing in mind that some airlines and travel companies have restrictions on lithium batteries over a certain threshold. Thankfully, most lithium powered ComfyGo devices are accepted by airlines.

Replacement parts

When purchasing an electric wheelchair, you should consider whether you will be able to source replacement parts in the future. Some manufacturers are frustratingly known to develop models without being able to offer replacement parts. This can be an annoyance if your wheelchair needs new tires or a new battery, so inquire about the availability of replacement parts before settling on a purchase.

Things to avoid when using your powered wheelchair

First-time electric wheelchair users should be aware there are some things to avoid doing on their new units. To avoid risking damage, remember these tips:

If you live in a hilly area, choose a chair designed to cope with inclines of between 9-12 degrees.
Try to stay at least 20 lbs. below the listed weight capacity for your chair.
Never leave your electric wheelchair outdoors, particularly if it is raining.
Always read the instruction manual that ships with your electric wheelchair.
Learn how to control your wheelchair properly.

The best electric wheelchair brand

At ComfyGo, we pride ourselves on being one of the world’s leading producers of user-friendly electric wheelchairs. We develop sustainable products complete with the latest technology. Each time we develop a product, we ensure the result not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our end users. We’re happy to put our name behind these products and we pledge to offer the best possible customer service to our users.