Electric Powered Mobility Scooter Maintenance Checklist

While cars, SUVs and trucks have dashboard lights to indicate an issue, the same can’t be said for most mobility scooters. Keeping a handy checklist for electric-powered mobility scooter maintenance will help you to better understand any issues you may encounter with your device.

At ComfyGo, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers. With this in mind, we’ve developed a list of three essential mobility scooter maintenance tips that will ensure your scooter remains in the best possible condition for the longest time possible.

Ensure your batteries are kept in good condition

One of the most common issues with electric-powered mobility scooters relates to battery life. Simply swapping an old battery for a new one solves the issue most of the time.

Some mobility scooters operate on a 24-volt system which requires the use of two 12-volt lead acid batteries. However, ComfyGo mobility scooters make use of lithium batteries. These newer batteries last considerably longer than older lead-acid designs, and they require less maintenance over time. In addition to this, lithium batteries have the bonus of being quicker to charge than lead acid batteries, and they hold their charge for considerably longer too.

To keep your mobility scooter batteries in the best condition, you should avoid allowing your battery meter to reach the red zone. It’s good practice to charge your mobility scooter battery after using your device, regardless of how long it was used for.

Keep your mobility scooter clean

This may sound obvious, but you would likely be surprised at how many electric-powered mobility scooter issues are caused by dirt, dust, grass, mud, and other debris. If you keep your mobility scooter clean, this will prevent foreign objects from becoming trapped in places they don’t belong.

Many scooter issues are caused by a build-up of dirt within the wheel well and transaxle. Over time, these build-ups can cause stress to the motor, because it will be prevented from operating the way it was designed to.

To clean your electric mobility scooter, the team at ComfyGo recommends using a rubbing alcohol/water mixture and a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Simply wipe down the scooter surfaces while taking care to avoid areas which could lead to water getting into the electrical or mechanical components.

Carefully read the user manual

Most people tend to ignore user manuals in favor of getting to grips with a product hands-on. However, by taking just a few short moments to familiarize yourself with the features of your electric mobility scooter, you’ll be more likely to have an understanding of how the device actually works.

Without this understanding, you risk damaging your scooter or reducing its life expectancy due to improper use. We have the user manuals for each of our products available to view on our website, which should help you to get to grips with your brand-new ComfyGo mobility scooter.