The Benefits of an Electric Wheelchair

When it comes to enjoying increased mobility, look no further than a lightweight power wheelchair from ComfyGo. These electric wheelchairs allow the user to enjoy a level of independence that simply isn’t possible from a standard wheelchair. These chairs are designed for comfort and enable persons who are otherwise unable to stand for sustained periods to go about their daily business. In this blog post, we’re going to look at the benefits of using an electric wheelchair, and why you should consider switching.

Electric wheelchairs are suitable for all

Regardless of your height or weight, ComfyGo is here to provide you with an electric wheelchair to suit all your requirements. The powered chairs we provide are adaptable to most disabilities and they make use of an easy-to-use joystick for comfortable movement and control. There are adjustments which can be made for reclining, tilt, leg space and height. For those who don’t want to rely on manual pushing chairs, an electric wheelchair ensures nobody is limited to taking only a short trip out. Instead, you can make the most of your day the electric way!

An electric lightweight wheelchair makes more places accessible

The beauty of the electric wheelchair is that it can be used indoors as well as outdoors. This enables those who are otherwise unable to walk or stand for long periods to travel throughout the day.

Electric-powered wheelchairs also operate on a tighter turning radius than traditional manual chairs, which makes them perfect when it comes to negotiating small spaces. With an electric wheelchair, you’ll also gain the freedom to reach heights you might have previously thought impossible in a manual chair. Steep inclines are generally easier to navigate with a powered wheelchair, and many electric wheelchair users find themselves less likely to be deterred from taking certain routes as a result.

Electric wheelchairs are safer

The center of gravity on an electric wheelchair is much lower than on manual models. This means electric-powered wheelchairs are significantly less likely to tip over. Accidental rolling is also much less likely, as braking is much easier – even on rough terrain.

Electric wheelchairs are convenient to transport

ComfyGo electric wheelchairs are lightweight, and all models are foldable. This means you can fold up your wheelchair and transport it in a car, then unfold it when you reach your destination. There are some lithium-ion battery powered devices that have restrictions, but most ComfyGo electric wheelchairs are all perfectly fine to transport on airplanes or cruise ships.

An electric wheelchair could improve your confidence and well-being

With no tricky controls, you can enjoy effortless movement with a ComfyGo electric wheelchair. Our power chairs require only the lightest of touches to operate. They can also be quickly and easily adjusted to suit the control requirements of the user.

With the ability to get around easier, you may find that your sense of well-being and confidence increases. Why not browse the ComfyGo catalog today and find out what you’re missing out on? Alternatively, if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us – a member of our friendly and experienced team of mobility experts will be happy to answer any questions about electric wheelchairs that you may have.