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Barrier-Free Spaces 1 Louvre Museum

As we promised in our previous articles, in this article we will introduce the places in the world where you can travel without any obstacles. The first place we will touch is the Louvre Museum. The Louvre Museum in Paris is the world’s largest art museum and is known as the home of the Mona […]

Barrier-Free Successful People 2 Stephen William Hawking

In our previous articles, we started to touch on people who became the hope of many disabled people and who succeeded despite all kinds of negative developments by overcoming many unimaginable obstacles. In this article, we will talk about another of these inspire, Stephen William Hawking. Considered one of the most brilliant physicists ever born, […]

Barrier-Free Successful People 1: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

In our last article, we briefly touched on the people who became successful despite any advanced developments through many unimaginable obstacles that became the hope for many who live with disabilities. One of such people was “Franklin Delano Roosevelt”, who persevered through an abundant amount of difficulties and achieved greatness. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, known by […]

Wheelchair Accessible Things To Do In Canada

Wheelchair Accessible Things

Traveling is always on everyone’s bucket list, even for the disabled. Canada has several attractions and beautiful landscape that makes it a famous destination for travel. For the disabled, it is comparatively difficult for them to visit certain places easily as they are often unable to overcome certain barriers. Such barriers include accommodations, wheelchair ramps, […]