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Pros and Cons of a Portable Motorized Scooter

If you need transportation, a portable motorized scooter may be the perfect choice. You can use it to reach public transportation stops, run errands, or even get to work. You can even explore your surroundings and take in the fresh air. In addition, many mobility scooters can be folded up and transported easily. Here are […]

Physical Access For the Disabled: An Issue that Disabled People Face

One of the important issues in the life of disabled people is physical access. Disabled people often have difficulty accessing services because of physical barriers. Physical barriers can prevent disabled people from social opportunities, commercial services, and leisure activities. Physical barriers can also limit disabled people’s ability to park on pavements, which can lead to […]

Light Folding Wheelchair

If you are looking for a light folding wheelchair for transportation, you should look for one with padded armrests. The backrest of the wheelchair is easy to fold as well, and the footrests swing out. These wheelchairs can fit easily into the trunk or backseat of most cars. Although lightweight folding wheelchairs are not as […]

How Portable Mobility Scooters Makes Life Easier For Disabled

Let’s look at how portable mobility scooters makes life easier for disabled people. Folding a portable mobility scooter is a breeze! Many models fold with the push of a lever. Others fold by pressing the scooter into itself. Some models can be folded by pressing a button or electrical means. Whatever your preference, folding your […]

How to Choose an Electric Wheelchair

If you have a disabled family member who requires a wheelchair, you may want to think how to choose an electric wheelchair for their comfort and ease of use. While there are many features to consider, you may be unsure about which wheelchair to purchase. To find the best option for your needs, consider the […]

Disability Affects Many Different People in Different Ways

Disability affects many different people in different ways. In the United States alone, nearly twenty-six percent of the population was affected by some form of disability. Worldwide, the number of disabled people topped one billion in 2011. These individuals represent fifteen percent of the world’s population. Many of these individuals suffer from serious physical and […]

Comparing Scooters and Wheelchairs for the Disabled

When comparing scooters and wheelchairs for the disabled, you’ll see that many of them offer varying levels of independence and mobility. The two major types of scooters are manual and electric, and have varying weight capacities and capabilities. You’ll also find that both types can be adjusted according to the person’s height, posture, and support […]

The Best Narrow Wheelchairs For Small Spaces

The best narrow wheelchairs for small spaces is something to take into consideration before you make any purchase. When it comes to accessing certain areas, narrow wheelchairs make the difference. There are several features to look for that will make maneuvering through tight spaces easier. Some of these features include foldable leg and arm rests […]

Accessible Public Transport Stops

Accessible Public Transport Stops

Whether it’s a bus, subway, or trolley, public transportation is available for those without access to a personal vehicle. To access these modes of transportation, one must be present at a transportation access stop ready to board the vehicle. These stops are usually identified by a sign indicating the mode of transportation and time tables, […]

People With Physical Disabilities and Sports

History of Sport for People With Physical Disabilities

We all know the importance of exercising. It comes in many forms, such as walking, doing housework, chasing their children around, or playing various sports. Thus, we all exercise in some way throughout our day and it’s no different for those with a physical disablilty. This article will discuss being active in sports with a […]