Phoenix – 40 lbs Carbon Fiber Lightest Weight Electric Wheelchair


This electric wheelchair is made from CARBON FIBER; it weighs only 40 lbs, is Airline, Cruise & FDA Approved and has Up to 15+ miles range. 

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Replacement Spare Batteries


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COMFYGO Phone Holder For Electric Wheelchairs and Electric Scooters


The COMFYGO phone holder is designed to mount easily onto your wheelchair or scooter.

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Air Pump For Electric Wheelchair and Electric Scooters


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Quingo Ultra Mobility Scooter


The ALL NEW Quingo Ultra Mobility Scooter features an all-aluminum chassis that offers lower weight, greater styling, and portability. It has a host of safety and performance features at an affordable price.

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COMFYGO MOBILITY Adjustable Universal Headrest For Electric Wheelchairs


The COMFYGO MOBILITY universal headrest is designed to fit most wheelchairs because of the universal attachment fasteners that snuggly expand or contract to fit the wheelchair perfectly.

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X-1 ComfyGO Manual Lightweight Wheelchair (17.5″ Wide Seat)


X-1 ComfyGO Manual Lightweight Wheelchair (17.5″ Wide Seat) Only 32 lbs, high quality and durable. Free shipping is available.

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X-6 ComfyGO Lightweight Electric Wheelchair (17.5″ Wide Seat)


At just 50 lbs, this is one of the lightest electric wheelchairs on the market. This electric wheelchair has a weight capacity limit of 265 lbs. and a top speed of 4 mph. It’s equipped with a 360-degree waterproof universal intelligent joystick for easy control. The Intelligent joystick includes a power on/off button with a power indicator light, speed selection buttons, and a horn. The 12AH lithium-ion battery powers two 250W DC motors that deliver a range of up to 17+ miles.

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Z-4 Electric Powered Mobility Scooter with a Lightweight & 5 Part Detachable Frame


Z-4 Mobility Scooter: Lithium-Ion Battery, Airline Approved, Up To 13+ Mile Range, 5 mph Max Speed

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