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The MAJESTIC IQ-9000 wheelchair is an innovative, designed travel folding long-range (up to 19 miles) electric wheelchair. This motorized wheelchair is lightweight, airline friendly, and easy to fold. This wheelchair reclines, adding additional comfort for the user.


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What our cusTomers says


Sturdy quality well built

“This is built really well for transport chair compared with others I’ve looked at. The wheels provide a smooth ride. It is light and folds up easily in one motion. Seat is comfortable. My only disappointment is the floor to handle height. This ended up being lower than the rollator my grandparent transitioning from. Height to top of handle only came out to about 33inches from ground. The user who needed to push transport is 5’10” and found the handles too low even for short transport distance.”


Great Product

“Product great for mobility,portability…however, not exactly right for our 87 year old Mom…thank y’all and may God bless!!!”


Best decision we have made!

“We bought this chair to take my mother in law on a cruise. It was the best decision we have made. The long distances inside ship to go from one place to another while it moves is difficult for an elderly person to tackle. We figured that a chair with extra large wheels was going to be easier to maneuver on the terrible sidewalks of most ports and we were right. The chair is easy to fold and load onto a car. The big plus is that is structurally better made than aluminum made chairs.”

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